Our story began on the streets of New York and continues to draw inspiration from beautiful destinations around the world.
Our philosophy is to evoke a wanderlust and free spirit in all our wearers.We obsess about design and exceptional quality, creating beautiful clothes that work for every occasion and transcend seasons.
Whether you are the trend seeker, the hustler, the activist, the social media gal, the life of the party, the believer, we’ll dress you.
Find your tribe.Shaye.

Closer Than Ever #Quarantimes

We are living in unprecedented times indeed, and it feels like the whole world has turned upside down. Even though the lockdown seems like it has been going on forever, we’re staying positive and taking it one day at a time. With hashtags like #WFH, #Quarantini, #LoveLockdown and #QuarantineandChill taking over our social media, it feels like everyone all over the world is trying to make the best of the situation.


The term ‘Street Style’ has been all over our Instagram and Pinterest feeds, embraced by our favourite fashion bloggers, celebrities and designers for sometime now. We’re breaking it down for you – what it is and how to navigate it.

Street style or street wear is fashion that has emerged and evolved on the street, focusing on individual style rather than high fashion. It’s where creativity meets wearability. It’s not just a trend, but a part of youth culture all over the world now.